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Tackling Tomorrow Today

Next spring a four volume set of books for US high school students will be published, called Tackling Tomorrow Today. Not only does it sound a fantastic idea generally, teaching kids how to think long-term, one of the volumes will contain a version of a project (PDF) I and four fellow students wrote in Houston back in 2000, describing the social and political systems at work on an imagined Mars colony. So in a few months I'll be a published futurist! Or, at least, a fifth of one. (Thanks for sorting it all out Glenn.)

Ted points to James Kunstler's "Clusterfuck Nation Chronicle" (on Kunstler's website) a weblog/diary of his comments on events and where they're taking us. (If you don't know Kunstler, he's written very readable books criticising modern America's (sub)urbanism.) There is also The Clusterfuck Nation Manifesto, in which Kunstler imagines what American life will be like when oil shortages begin to bite, a time that will come when prices rise, not when we finally run out.

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