Long Now Lectures


I don't think I've seen this before: The Long Now Foundation has a series of lectures available free for download on a variety of, long-term issues (they suggest you umake a donation if you like them).

I came across that via a summary of Paul Hawken's lecture from last year about the long-term history and future of the environmental movement. It's going to be big apparently.

I must admit that I get a little annoyed by some of the coupling of environmentalism and spirtuality/religion that pops up occasionally. To quote one comment from that page: "I was under the impression that greens were generally spiritual and/or members of liberal/tolerant religious denominations." I'm not sure why one must believe in imaginary gods and/or spirits to believe we're screwing the world, but it often seems to be assumed.

Anyway, I'm drifting off the point. Good futury downloady goodness, go listen/read.

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Maybe the assumption is an American one that all people have some kind of weird religious instinct, and that they're only commenting on the aspect of it ie. that they are 'spiritual' or 'liberal/tolerant'.

well, I would say it has to do with the fact that many people have a habit of throwing their belief into what they say be it intentional or not. Just like you making sure to put in the word "imaginary" before you say the word "gods." If you do not like others letting their beliefs shine through in the way they speak, shouldn't you hold yourself to those same guidlines?

Also what is this "Maybe the assumption is an American?" At least realize that it is the USA and not America.

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