Thought-controlled computing

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Dr. Phillip Kennedy has developed a device which, once wired into the brain, lets a patient control a computer using thought alone.

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I'm being harassed with what I think is similar equipment, in the hands of some people I know who are ex military, (which is were the equipment I speak of was developed, in MKUltra and similar experiments). The devises used in my case are remote controlled, though. It's good to see such technology put to positive use, after having endured 'being vandaled' by it, for a good many years. The problem that I see with the development and use of such equipment is that once we have such technology at our (mankind's) use, how long will it take to adjust social consciousness and legal constraints to fit what is now like a 'road warrior' type of mentality? (if that makes any sense?) In other words, this and much more complex equipment exists. Technology has now exceeded our capability of responsible self-governing. Laws need to be updated to consider such.