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Water wars begin

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Aside from being a great roundup of environmental events around the world, this diary/map recounts a fight between monkeys and humans in Kenya. The area is suffering from drought and when water tankers arrived thirsty monkeys chased the humans away so they could drink. (via Robot Wisdom)

The Japanese government is planning to ban research into human cloning, with offenders possibly facing jail time. A spokesman for its science and technology agency said "Human cloning may pose a threat to the maintenance of social order, the foundation of which is the family."

Bruce Sterling on 2035

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An interesting scenario, looking back on the lead up to 2035. "Okay, here's my bottom line: By your standards, my world is fantastically advanced, but it's also gray, sagging, increasingly conservative, and visibly running out of steam." (via Slashdot)

Personal tech in 2010

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The design firm Ideo have come up with their vision of consumer technologies in ten years' time. Lots of good mock-ups and visualisations of what phones, watches, displays, chairs and more might look like. (via Haddock)