The effects of water shortage in China


An illustration of the effects on people's lives of the increasing shortage of water in China. Poor harvests, demonstrations and an expanding desert that could reach Beijing in 35 years at current rates.

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I think there are too many things should be done and there are also too many things we can do.

In my university, it seems everyone knows the problem but when it comes into reality, they are just indifferent about that. They waste a lot of water when washing clothes, using lavatory, and having showers. They also waste a lot of electricity. I put up a notice on the wall of our lavatory in my dormitory saying:Please close the lights after you have finished using the bathroom. But no one care about that. I think that's because they don't have to pay the money spent on that electricity.

They are university students who are supposed to have better moral characters and yet they act like that. I think the situation will be even worse out of universities.

Our govenment says a lot about water shortage problems but I see little things have been done compared with the severe situation.

What's the use to hold this or that kind of celebritions to praise how great achievements China has made while there are so many severe environmental problems need to be solved? I'm quite unsatisfied with our government. Much more work should be done. It's always easier said than done. The government should say less and do more.


it is quite useful and is has good knowledge....but it needs to haf the cause of the water shortage......the effect.....and the possible solution/measures taken