March 2001 Archives

Napster fabbing

An interesting look at the future fusion of "fabbing" (using a machine to create an 3D object using digital instructions) and peer-to-peer concepts as popularised by Napster. (via Haddock)

The USA's National Center for Environmental Research is looking for grant applications for futures-related work. Lots of money for educational and non-profits apparently available for futures research in Natural Sciences and Socio-Economics. (via Haddock)

Future Feed Forward

I've been meaning to post this for months. A series of news stories from the distant future which you can also have sent via email. Usually funny, cynical and thought-provoking jabs at the way society could be progressing. (via Nettime)

A RAND report on the Net twenty years out, and particularly America's place within it: "American ideals, with modest refinements, would write the constitution of a global civil society, even as the American state itself would lose its primacy." (via Telecom-Cities)