The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research


Looks like they do some interesting stuff. According to the WFS' Futurist Update they have a Successful Societies initiative, focussed on which factors indicate whether a society will be succesful. Sounds fascinating, but I can't find anything about this project on the site. (via Futurist Update)


The Futurist Update item on the Successful Societies initiative came originally from a newsletter called Reach CIAR, The Magazine of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (October 2001). The link to the journal containing the story is:$FILE/CIAR_Reach_Oct01.pdf
I hope this helps.
Cindy Wagner, editor, Futurist Update; managing editor, The Futurist magazine

Great, thanks for the pointer Cindy (the Successful Societies story is on the 13th page of this newsletter).