Recycling reversal and water diplomacy

A few good stories on ENN... First, New York City is "susdpending" its plastic and glass recycling programmes for one and two years respectively. Mayor Bloomberg insists this is while the City works out if there's a more efficient way to do it. But if a scheme like this has taken ten years to mature I imagine a one year break will set things back much further. A reminder that steady trends, such as the spread of recycling schemes, can always hit unexpected setbacks.

Second, two examples of water diplomacy. I keep thinking political negotiations over water are still for a far off future and have to remind myself that while their frequency will probably increase, such issues have been important for some time. A treaty between Mexico and the USA dates back to 1944, and the two countries have just reached an agreement over "water debts" incurred by Mexico. Looking forward, Singapore and Malaysia plan to open talks on the amount the former pays for water.

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