Future studies courses: good and bad news


Two things I meant to post earlier... The good news is that University of Houston - Clear Lake's Masters in Future Studies has two courses available online for the coming academic year. Having done them in person I can recommend both Intro to Future Studies and Systems Thinking. I'm not sure how well studying online will work, but the benefits are that international students don't need a visa and no one has to live in Houston. I guess you'll need some of the application details.

The bad news is that Leeds Metropolitan University's part-time MA in Foresight and Future Studies (in the UK) may be on its last legs, at least, according to someone at the World Future Society in Philadelphia. Anyone know any more about this?

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Coincidentally, I rang Leeds Metropolitan University only yesterday and was told that the programme would not be offered next year, ie 2003, because of diminishing numbers. Ironically, however, since this decision was made, there has been a resurgence of interest!

Does anyone know of any Futures scholars in South Africa

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