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Yesterday with The Futurist

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As if to illustrate my earlier criticism of The Futurist the current issue contains a brief article that illustrates some of my frustrations with it. "News in the Digital Age" is about newspapers in an online world and how they should adapt. The thrust of the story is about weblogs and whether they form "a powerful new form of amateur journalism." While I grudgingly acknowledge that this old idea is still being debated I don't expect a futurist journal to be introducing weblogs (6+ years old?) or an already hackneyed argument. The Futurist should be among the first wave of media, not the third or fourth.

I'm saving $225 a year!

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My first year of World Future Society membership is over and I won't be renewing. It's a tricky decision, as however much I dislike many things about the organisation, membership does give me a feeling of validation. But the magazines just aren't worth the money, and I shouldn't really need a (psychological) badge.

Flying cars!

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A California, USA, company has developed a flying car with vertical take-off. It's obviously still being tested but it looks like fun. Even if such vehicles are never used for commuting I could well imagine them being raced around aerial courses. The crashes would be even more spectacular than in Formula 1! (via Boing Boing)

Virtual worlds in the news

The computer game The Sims is in the news because the upcoming online version of the game is going to contain very interactive product placement. Users will be able to use Intel computers and work in a McDonald's outlet; "Eating that food will also improve their standing within the game."

It's so quiet...


Sorry for the lack of updates recently. When BT finally deign to fix my ADSL I'll be able to do something useful in my free time, rather than dumb "enjoyment."

Back in the present

I'm back from holiday and am now fully prepared for a post-apocalyptic desert future in which everyone will be unnervingly friendly.