It's so quiet...


Sorry for the lack of updates recently. When BT finally deign to fix my ADSL I'll be able to do something useful in my free time, rather than dumb "enjoyment."

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I just wanted to know from you that what is this movable type thing . I have seen it on many sites .Can you tell me how it can be helpful in creating a site or a blog.

The aim of Movable Type, Blogger and other such things is to make it easy for you to run a weblog/site with the minimum of hassle. You add a new entry using a form and the software will automatically build all the web pages for you. I suggest you read the MT and Blogger websites for more information!

Blogger is easier. Movable Type lets you sort posts into different categories and publish in exotic formats other than ordinary HTML.

But start with Blogger. If you decide you need the flexibility of MT later it is possible to move your data across. I've used both systems and done that.

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