Location, location, location

NTK has a bit this week claiming "2003 will be the year of geospatial hype" concentrating on some sites and tools devoted to turning real-world co-ordinates into data available to everyone (rather than just data available to a single company). While you might have no need for the precise x and y of your current location, the chances are someone will build a tool using this information that you will find useful. Steven Johnson also has an article up at Discover about location-oriented technology and what people are doing with it.

Geocaching, the sport where participants search for "treasure" hidden by other players using GPS devices, should have been an early indicator of this kind of stuff; it's a classic innovator activity. While it doesn't mean Geocaching will be a mainstream pastime it does suggest a new leisuretime use for a technology. The coming 3G phones will, I understand, feature some kind of location-reporting technology which could bring new tools, behaviours and activities to the masses. But these mass-market devices shouldn't blind you to the fact there's still plenty of exciting stuff happening online... this could well look like gibberish to you, but it's where I live.

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