February 2003 Archives

Blocking advertising everywhere

Techdirt links to a Reuters report about the proliferation of techniques for avoiding advertising online, on TV and over the phone. It's interesting as a counterpoint to Minority Report's forecast of a world filled with personalised advertising.

Accelerating Change Conference

I don't think I've mentioned Singularity Watch before, but it's well worth a visit. They've just announced their Accelerating Change Conference, happening in San Francisco, USA, in July. There's also an email newsletter you can sign up for. John Smart, who is Singularity Watch, gave one of the few interesting presentations at the World Future Society's conference last year. I'm not saying it made much sense, but it was definitely interesting.

A 100 year old vision of a future London

I've just read The Soul of London (US, UK) by Ford Madox Ford, an impressionistic and Modernistic view of the city from 1905. The history and personal experiences are OK, but towards the end it suddenly veers off briefly into this fantastic vision of a future London...