Paul Morley 'About the Future'


If you're in the UK and you get BBC Four, there's a programme on tonight called Paul Morley's Matter of Fact and this edition (at both 7.30pm and 11.40pm) is 'About the Future'. (I'm assuming it's a series; it's hard to tell.) Could be interesting, and Paul Morley's always good for a sardonic laugh. Here's the blurb from that BBC page:

In a country so obsessed with the past, where and what is the future? In this witty and provocative film, writer Paul Morley travels back to his roots in the North West of England to find out.

Along the way he uncovers a reality beyond reality tv, encountering astronomers at Jodrell Bank, a leading physicist with a machine which looks like it could take over the world, a female priest in a disused Moss Side church, and a descendant of the inventor of the Spinning Jenny. He even travels down a Time Tunnel near Accrington. He finds a vision of the future in the shiny metal landscape of Salford Quays. But is everything as it seems?


It was quite interesting, with lots of snippets of interviews with those people, all with an endless and annoying musical backing track. He was trying to find the point at which the present becomes the future. Unusually for pop-futurism, one of the first things he said was "Any futurist will tell you it's impossible to predict the future." As the blurb says, Salford Quays, one of those 1990s reinvention of industrial docklands that pepper the UK, is the closest he found to the future. Here's more info about it:

DATE: 12/15/2003 04:59:44 AM

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