Pixar's offices

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I'm interested in ways companies organise themselves and their environments to encourage innovation, and this recent Salt Lake Tribune article describes the offices of Pixar, the company responsible for Toy Story. One interesting decision is to have a central location for communal resources such as toilets:

Here's the "bathroom effect" theory, as ["tour guide"] Greenberg explains it: "If you have bathrooms that are scattered throughout the building, you use the bathroom nearest to where you're sitting. If there was one bathroom, all kinds of people would come together and talk with one another all the time -- you'd meet different people if you were waiting in line. It would enhance communication, and you'd be talking about things outside of work."

This 1999 Wired article on the revolutionary, and disastrous, offices of the TBWA Chiat/Day advertising agency is also worth a read if you haven't done so before. All interesting and exciting stuff for those lucky enough to work in the "creative industries" rather than, say, a call centre or factory I guess. (Via (and more discussion at) Tesugen.)

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The Gaetano Pesce floor in the New York Chiat/Day office was cut up into slabs and sold. I wanted a piece of that floor. It was too cool.