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More on alternative currencies

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Following on from a recent post, here's the International Journal of Community Currency Research. While there's not a huge amount in the journal, they also have a Yahoo Group which could prove interesting.

More on online gaming economies

Another economics interview, this time with Edward Castronova, the economist who wrote a much discussed paper suggesting online game EverQuest contained the world's 77th richest country. He's currently looking at gender discrimination in online gaming which I've no doubt has been examined at exhaustive length already, but perhaps not from an economics perspective. Anyway, this is all interesting stuff, particularly next to the previous post about complementary currencies. There are plenty of links to follow in there too. (via Julian Dibbell)

A long but interesting interview with economist Bernard Lietaer who discusses complementary currency systems around the world. Everything from being able to buy food with Air Miles to the Japanese time bank system of caring for the elderly. I've been aware of LETS schemes for years but Lietaer certainly makes it sound like non-monetary currencies are more widespread than I imagined. He also discusses the different "flavour" such currencies have and how they can help alter society for the better.

Online gaming growth rates

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Welcome to another post on the Stalking Clay Shirky Weblog! A graph showing the growth over time of various multi-player online games, via Clay's commentary.