Report on British census data


An Observer story on information gleaned from the British census shows growing polarisation between rich and poor segments of society, and a disintegration of "established forms of social cohesion - chiefly the family."

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I don't get that article at all. It keeps saying that social cohesion is collapsing and there's greater divisiveness between classes, but the only stats it seems to bring out to support this is that there's been a growth in the middle-classes, and that single-parent families are up 56%. I don't see what they're quoting establishes greater polarisation. And it seems a bit Daily Mail-y to claim that single-parents are leading to the disintegration of society. Especially when the experts quoted say that single parenthood can be explained by the greater economic independence divorcees and others feel.

It just feels like a standard headline with some facts squeezed into it.

Hmm, yes, I was a little trigger-happy with this one! The article does lack more supporting data, and a quick look at CACI's website doesn't help -- their last press release was in June.

I thought they were saying that there are more people now at both ends of the financial spectrum, but it is all stated rather ambiguously.

I'm not sure they're quite saying that "single-parents are leading to the disintegration of society," although if not, it does come close. Either way, the increase in single-parent families and of those living alone is a trend I thought it worth pointing out (even if it's not at all surprising).

Hmm. I want more facts!