December 2003 Archives

Virtual goods returned in a real court

According to this Reuters story, a man in China went to court to force a company running an online game to return virtual goods that had been stolen from him, possibly by a hacker. Is this the first time online property has been dealt with by real-world law? (via Many-to-Many, more at Terra Nova)

4 2 Explore on the future

4 2 Explore is a site that aims to help people learn about topics by providing links to further reading. They have a decent collection of futures links. I'm not sure the first four links are necessarily the most important or interesting, but it's a good page nonetheless.

This post concerns the past rather than the future, but I thought it was still relevant. I've posted previously about alternative currencies, and I've just come across a passage in Liza Picard's Restoration London describing the currency of the time:

The December issue of Wired carries an article by Hope Cristol boldly declaring 'Futurism is Dead'. Let's plunge right in...