Two future-oriented conferences

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Sometimes I should write about things rather than let the URLs clutter my desktop, and this is one such occasion. Two interesting-looking conferences coming up this autumn, in the US, as ever:

In October is Pop!Tech, subtitled "The Next Renaissance". I assume it's not about learning Latin and drawing in perspective, but something much more singularity-like. Speakers include turn-of-the-century meme machine Malcolm Gladwell, Bob "Ethernet" Metcalfe, John "Newton" Sculley and Douglas "Look what the kids are doing" Rushkoff. It all sounds pretty good in a big ideas kind of way -- I hope it manages to achieve a non-US-centric outlook.

Two weeks later we have Accelerating Change, packed full of "change agents" such as Jaron Lanier, John "Singularity" Smart, Ross Mayfield, Will "SimCity" Wright and Helen "Master of our robot overlords" Greiner. Could be good... the topics certainly get a full house in Buzzword Bingo.

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Awesome, you are back. I have been following your site for months and hoping that you would start posting again soon.