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Guardian's 2020 supplements URL

When I mentioned the Guardian's series of supplements about the world and UK in 2020 I couldn't find the articles on the site anywhere. Matt found it and posted it in the comments, and, so you don't miss it, here it is (obvious really).

What if Bush wins?

Washington Monthly asked 16 "experts" what would happen if Bush wins the forthcoming US presidential election. Errupting scandals? A moderate Bush? More of the same? (via Demos Greenhouse)

Public fragrance ban

Banning smoking in public places is becoming more common, and in places where there is no ban it's a common topic of discussion. Drinking alcohol is banned in some public places. What's the next step in making cities more pleasant/bland (depending on your point of view)? Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada is discouraging the wearing of fragrances in public because the chemicals in them can make some people ill. A couple of places in California, USA have also banned fragrances in some situations. Will it become more common?

Transportation Futuristics

In clearing up some backlogged links, I've come across this "virtual exhibition" of images depicting past and present visions of future vehicles: commuter helicopters; in-car "pagers"; monorails, etc.

Branded products

In my erratic rush to clear up a backlog of links I've missed an opportunity to tie Things Magazine's post about "celebrity brand presence" in with my earlier post about designer contact lenses. Habitat have launched a range of products in the UK, each one designed or influenced to some degree by a famous person. The Habitat website makes it impossible to link to the products, but there's more about them (in French) at Marie Claire Maison. Over to Things Magazine:

Designer branded contact lenses

Ten days ago, the Guardian had a report about Christian Dior planning to release designer contact lenses:

The Guardian's 2020 supplements


This seems like a wholly pointless entry, but... The Guardian is two parts into its three week series of Saturday supplements about life in 2020. Unfortunately I haven't had time to read the first two yet, and I can't find anything on their site to point to so you can get on with it.