Designer branded contact lenses

Ten days ago, the Guardian had a report about Christian Dior planning to release designer contact lenses:

The fashion house has come up with two sets of contact lenses, designed by John Galliano for the Dior Eyes range.

The lenses will create the illusion of either a golden or a black ring around the iris. They will also contain a miniature CD logo.

They hope to have them on sale in London, UK, by the end of the month. Is this the first instance of designer body enhancement? Are there designer-branded fingernails? It wouldn't surprise me given the explosion (in the UK at least) of high street nailcare shops over recent years.

What's the next step? Given that cosmetic surgery is becoming a comparatively common practice would designer nose jobs, branded breast enlargements or film-star endorsed fake six-packs provide a way of differentiating a better class of (more expensive) improvement from those the hoi-polloi are sporting?

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