How to leave this universe before it dies

A quick whizz through some links littering my desktop begins with 'Escape from the universe', an article from Prospect that suggests ways we could leave this universe for another, parallel, one before this universe expands to the point where it freezes.

Nice to see some really long-term thinking, and Foe neatly summarises the article's options:

  • Find a naturally occurring wormhole
  • Send a probe through a black hole
  • Create negative energy
  • Create a baby universe
  • Build a laser implosion machine
  • Send a nanobot to recreate civilisation

The last is by far the most fun/scary: send a self-replicating nanobot through a tiny wormhole. It builds factories to recreate itself and then, using stored DNA, begins to recreate us (or, at least, whatever our descendants are).

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