January 2009 Archives

How would the USA fragment?


There was some press not long ago about a Russian professor predicting the break-up of America in 2010. Kevin Kelly has a good piece on this and some other past predictions of a fragmentation of the USA and a few people on this forum make their own versions of varying degrees of seriousness.

What will change everything?

The Edge has asked 150 people “What game-changing scientific ideas and developments do you expect to live to see?” There’s too much for me to read through all of them. I was going to pull out a few bits that caught my eye, but seeing as the Edge makes such a strangely big deal of linking to their press coverage you can just follow those links to read highlights picked by other sources, eg Guardian, Telegraph, NPR.

Over at one of the Well’s public conference topics, Bruce Sterling is doing his annual discussion on the State of the World. It’s a long read — currently three very long tediously mono-spaced pages — but worth it if you have the time.