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ETech 09: The Real Time City

Andrea Vaccari, from Senseable City Lab, MIT, late on Wednesday aftenroon at ETech 09.

Ben Cerveny, “The New ‘Situation’: Frameworks for Spatial Mediation” on Wednesday afternoon at ETech 09. There were various chunks of this that I failed to note, so these notes are a bit more broken than usual.

Tony Jebara from Columbia University and Sense Networks, “Mobile Phones Reveal the Behavior of Places and People” on Wednesday morning at ETech 09.

Aaron Koblin, “Making Art with Lasers, Sensors, and the Net” on Wednesday morning at ETech 09. A lot of this was just showing us cool stuff, so there’s not many notes to take, but still…

ETech 09: Siftables

Jeevan Kalanithi and David Merrill: “Cookie Scale Computing: Human-Computer Interfaces as Piles of Gesture Sensitive Displays” on Wednesday morning at ETech 09. A talk about Siftables. Probably best if you visit the site and watch the video there to get an idea of what these things actually are, as it probably won’t come across solely in text.

ETech 09: Explosives

Christa Hockensmith: “Jackhammers, Polymers, and Diamonds: New Applications in Explosives”, one of the early talks at ETech 09 on Wednesday morning. Hockensmith is from the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center at New Mexico Tech. It was a really fun talk and the notes will miss out on a lot of the flavour. And some of them won’t make sense out of context but are possibly just for me to remember the fun:

ETech 09: Urban Futures

Chris Luebkeman from Arup. One of the first presentations on Wednesday at ETech 09. It was an interesting presentation, and he was a great talker but… I still don’t know what the point of the presentation was. It all felt like an introduction to something that we never reached:

ETech 09: New Materials

Andrew Dent from Material ConneXion, Inc. A talk from Tuesday afternoon at ETech 09. He was a great speaker: authorative, dapper in a three piece suit, sounding slightly and entertainingly exasperated.

ETech 09: A Greener World

Jeremy Faludi: “Priorities for a Greener World: If You Could Design Anything, What Should You Do?” From Tuesday afternoon at ETech 09.

ETech 09: Urban Green Space

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Elizabeth Goodman: “Designing for Urban Green Space”. A talk from Tuesday afternon at ETech 09. Goodman is from the UC Berkeley School of Information.

ETech 09: Programmable Environments

Jennifer Magnolfi from Herman Miller: “Building the Programmable Environment: Co-Design and Physical/Digital”. A talk from Tuesday morning at ETech 09.

Mary Lou Jepsen, one of Tuesday’s first talks at ETech 09.

Alex Steffen from World Changing. One of the first talks from Tuesday morning at ETech 09.

ETech 09: Ignite talks

The second and final event on the opening night of ETech 09 was a series of Ignite talks: very quick and brief talks.

ETech 09: Tim O'Reilly


I’m currently at ETech, the Emerging Technology Conference, in San Jose, California. I’m going to be posting my notes of some of the talks here as many of them seem relevant to futures folks. Although I’ll do some editing, these are quite hasty and I may have mis-heard a few things and, unless something’s in “quotes” it’s probably me paraphrasing the speaker. First up is Tim O’Reilly’s opening night keynote.