Bye for now

I’m going to stop posting things here. When I started up again a few months ago I had a fair amount of free time but I’ve realised I can’t keep it up.

Although I’m still interested in all this stuff I don’t have the time to run a decent blog dedicated to it. These days there are plenty of better ones. And, not only is it annoying (for me) to have a blog that limps along, it’s harder to write for — the longer I go without posting, the more worthwhile the next post needs to be (or so it feels).

So I’ll close the site for the moment, once again. Some things I write on my personal website might be related but it may not be worth following that if you’re purely interested in futures stuff.

However, I’m going to try storing links to interesting future-y things in my Delicious Pinboard account, tagged with ‘overlinks’ (RSS feed). So keep an eye on that. We’ll see how it goes. If it turns out I save plenty of interesting stuff I may pump it through to Overmorgen.

So, bye for now.

[Delicious link changed to Pinboard, 2011-10-24.]

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