Posting to Overmorgen tailed off and then stopped altogether in 2003. I’ve now, in 2008, begun posting again. I don’t know if I’ll keep it up. We’ll see. Here’s how I described the site before, which still stands:

Years ago I was keeping track of trends and events that may affect the medium- or long-term future and it seemed sensible to keep them on a website in case it was useful to anyone else. Over time the content has changed a little (even ignoring the highly variable rate of new entries). Many items that would have seemed worthy of inclusion a few years back don’t interest me so much — incremental improvements in technology for example. Spotting the few events that will have a large impact on the future is tougher, but it’s satisfying to spot the few worthy items.

In addition to current events, I’ll also be including links to resources futurists might find useful — news sites, relevant statistics, scenarios, etc. I’m still working on what the balance should be, and what’s worth posting.

“Overmorgen” means “the day after tomorrow” in Dutch. Thanks to Paul.